Celebrating 13 years of Arizona Events!!!!

Photos & FEEDBACK from our Vendors

“Best sales Day I have had in 8 years!”

“Amazing sales day! PLASE keep me on the list for your next event!”

“Holiday Bazaar was our top one day event sales ever!”

“This was so much fun!!! Thank you for being so organized. This is by far the most communication I have ever had with an events group.”

The entire event was SO well organized! I was so impressed with everything from start to finish. I will definitely be a vendor again!!!
-Rhonda Madrid
We had such a wonderful experience as a vendor! Especially for such a large event! We will definitely be back! Thanks for having us!!
-Megan Albers
“Just wanted to take time to let you know that this is a great event! We are so glad to be a part of it!  Thank you!
Stacy Poutine, US ‘Eh? Food”

“Despite the little windstorm lol it was an awesome day. The band was great and I’m sure the kids loved the bounce house. I hope you will have me again!

“I had great sales. I ended the day with $1,764. I was hoping for $1,000 so am very happy. I only wish I had more inventory.
I am definitely interested in doing other events. Please let me know! Thanks! One of the mall store owners was talking to me and told me that they would love to have this more often. I told him I would let you know.  Thanks  for putting it together! It was really successful. ”


“BEST event we have ever done. Almost $4k in sales.”

“The street fair was really nice. A lot of my customer’s stated they wished they had more events such as the street fair (not a farmer’s market) in Gilbert. They travel so far to go to events around the valley. They also asked when the next event was going to be, but I told them to stay tuned.  Some people walked around and ate some – then came back to buy more (AWEOME!) A lot of customer’s gave me their information for future business. The band was AWESOME – keep them on hand for all of your events. Everyone around me really liked them. The stampin’ game was a great idea – as it generated more business for me.  All in All – when is your next event!!! 🙂 kudos! I had a great time.”

“Kelly, Thanks for another good Event.”

“Hi there, I just wanted to thank you very much for another great opportunity. I hope you will consider me in the fall for another great show.”

“Thank you! Today was an AWESOME success!”

“Well, I had the opportunity to be a part of the November events and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again. I would like to be informed of upcoming events and applications so I can sign up for them. Thank you :)”

“Thank you for being so organized. I want to participate in All the Paisley Pumpkin events. Please keep us on your list!”

“I think every show gets better and better. We love doing your events.”