Fall Day & Night Street Fairs

*** Fall 2017 !!!!!g29

Our Fall Paisley Pumpkin Holiday Street Fairs at SanTan Village Mall will again be extending into the night for 2017!

November 4th 10am to 7pm

November 11th  10am to 7pm

November 18th  10am to 7pm

Note: There is no electricity!  Street lights and battery operated lights will be your source of lighting after the sun goes down (around 6pm.)  *Home Depot Sells Awesome re-chargeable portable lights with a hook you can hang from your tent. Battery operated Christmas lights are also a possibility for your 5pm to 7pm lighting needs.


Click Here to apply for our Fall Street Fairs at SanTan.

Be sure you set up your email accounts to accept emails from info@thepaisleypumpkin.com