Balloon Glow vendor instructions

Hello Balloon Glow Vendors,

Booth assignments for Saturday’s event will be emailed out on or before Friday.

Saturday Check in will be at the Head table. The head table will be shown on the map emailed out Friday.
You MUST check in before you set up your booth. 
Check in starts at 11:00am. ***DO NOT try to set up prior to 11am. You can wait in the parking lot, but you cannot set up prior to 11:00am!

*DON’T FORGET…Please turn in your toy donation for the toy drive for Arizona Helping Hands at check-in. Toys will be delivered to foster children during the holidays or for birthdays throughout the year. Arizona Helping Hands is a wonderful organization and we appreciate you helping us support charities like Hope Kids and Arizona Helping Hands!

Important details: READ carefully!!!
Set up:
Vendor set up starts at 11:00am.  The Paisley Pumpkin Bazaar Vendors are NOT allowed to drive onto the gravel lot OR block the street to unload.   You need to find a close parking spot and carry in all product , tents & lights.  There should be plenty of open parking at the event site…but be prepared to carry everything in. *Bring helpers if you need it. We will NOT have staff on hand to carry in tents, tables, product, etc. This is the vendor’s responsibility.
After unloading, vendors MUST move their cars to farther out Mall parking.
*The more spots you leave near the Bazaar for customers…the better!
The lot is just south of Dicks sporting goods and is made of small gravel rocks. Note, wheels don’t push easily on the gravel…so getting product to your booth can take longer or require more help. Some vendors like to put a rug down for the floor of their booth.

FYI, traffic will be lighter during the 1:00 to 5:00pm time frame.
*Many visitors will be waiting for the light show that doesn’t start until 5pm…
Encourage your friends, family, customers, etc. to come and shop early.  *It is also a bonus for those who come early and want to stay for the night festivities…because last year, the parking lots were all full. The early-bird gets the parking.  And many vendors are offering a discount between 1:00pm and 5Pm ONLY! Pass it on!
With the large marketing push & the fact that the event can be seen from 2 main roads and is still on mall grounds, there will be some decent traffic before 5:00pm.

* ATM machines will be on site for customer use. 🙂
Each vendor booth gets one 20 amp outlet.
Bring a surge protector & 20-25 foot extension cord with additional outlets to set up your night time lighting.  Vendors are in charge of their own lighting, tents, tables, etc.
***We have asked vendors to set up their tents in a “holiday” theme. Running Christmas light strands, or other holiday lighting is strongly encouraged!

The contest for “Most Festive” booth decor wins a $100 credit towards our 2016 event
***You are welcome to bring lots of warm clothing and even a small personal heater, but it is not supposed to be too terribly cold. As of today, there is a 0% chance of rain. YEA!

IMPORTANAT!!! The electricity is shut off at 9:30, so if you take longer to take town, you may want to consider bring battery operated lights. (Home Depot sells good battery operated lanterns and light sticks.) The lights from the street lamps help too!

Take Down:
Vendors MUST stay set up until 9:00pm per their contract or they may be fined $1,000. Take down works the same as set up, vendors can drive their cars to a close parking spot…but they have to load and carry out. Leaving trash will result in fines. Clean up after you take down.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. We will inform you by email of any changes. Please check your email over the next few days for updates and booth assignments. 🙂
Email us at info@thepaisleypumpkin.comwith any questions.