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Kelly Kucera

Kelly Kucera


Since 2010, Kelly has run numerous types of events as the owner of The Paisley Pumpkin. 

She has experience in party planning, fundraising events, street fairs, Hot Air Balloon festivals and boutiques. Her favorite is non-profit fundraising events. *Kelly insists that most of the Paisley Pumpkin events have a charity aspect included.

Every detail matters to Kelly. Having “special touches” and good communication earn her high marks with clients. She participates in The Paisley Pumpkin and other events as a stylist for Color Street. As a vendor, she keeps a pulse on the event market and can better understand the needs of her own vendors.

Kelly also prides herself in being a wife and mother of four.

Jenni GJenni Gianzero

Jenni joined the Paisley Pumpkin Team in early 2016. She is the “numbers person” and manages the input of applications, invoices and vendor data. She understands the importance of paying attention to details. Jenni is a military wife and mother of 3 boys. Her twins are in high school and her youngest just started Kindergarten. Jenni and her family reside in Chandler, AZ.




aarn kAaron Kucera

Aaron is a former mall/property manager for General Growth properties. His experience in retail management has helped him work with event locations to get the best possible locations and pricing for our vendors. He is also an expert in trade-show / retail booth sales techniques. He has trained numerous business owners on strategies for having a successful vendor booth. Aaron likes working along side his wife and kids. He hopes to keep the Paisley Pumpkin Events business as a family affair for years to come. His duties mostly involve helping coordinate event day activities and vendor set up. He also assists in marketing and property negotiations. Aaron wants to make sure The Paisley Pumpkin vendors get the best possible chance of having a successful event.



                          Kristen Hammon

Kristen HammonKristen joined the Paisley Pumpkin Team as a social media assistant in 2015. Kristen is involved in a lot of volunteer work for breast cancer and works another job as an Human Resources specialist with Harkins. She has been a vendor at numerous events and understands the needs of exhibitors. Kristen