The 2017 Paisley Pumpkin Dec 30th Street Fair

2017 December 30th Street Fair application

10am to 6pm 12/30/17
  • The Paisley Pumpkin December 30th Street Fair at SanTan Village 10:00am to 6:00pm

    December 30th 2017

    2017 Exhibitor Application and Contract

    The following application is not a guarantee of acceptance to any of our events. The Exhibitor contract and full vendor fee are due prior to the booth space being reserved. The undersigned exhibitor agrees to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Paisley Pumpkin if accepted. Payment will be returned if not accepted. Saturday, December 30th time is 10am to 6pm.

    This agreement is between The Paisley Pumpkin, LLC. and exhibitor filing contract for the 2017 December 30th Street Fair at SanTan Village.

  • Vendor Category Descriptions

    Arts & Crafts Vendors include artisans of multiple mediums. All items must be made by hand and pictures of your work may be requested before approval.

    Special Booth Vendors include retail sales of toys, clothing, leather goods, hats, purses, jams, jellies, breads, food product sampling; businesses, colleges, or any learning institutions; Direct Sales representatives in a for profit sales tax status.

    Non-Profit Vendors include any organization with a non-profit status or donation base with a non-profit status. Proof on Non-Profit status is required by submitting your IRS Non-Profit ID#.

    Local Service Business or Corporate vendors are representative of local businesses promoting their business and services for profit or collecting leads.

    Food Vendors are vendors serving Hot or Cold food to be consumed at or near the event. Food permits & licenses required by Gilbert, AZ are the responsibility of the Food Vendor. Food vendors will have to be pre-approved by SanTan management.

  • Please note, you may be asked to remove any merchandise brought to the event that is not mentioned on this application, or is inappropriate for the fair.
  • Each Booth size is 10' x 10'.
  • You must provide your own tent, tables, chairs, tent weights, etc.
  • ***The Paisley Pumpkin will assign booth numbers the week of the Event!

    Check In: Check in and set up begins at 8:00am the morning of the event. Vendor must be set up by 9:45am!

    Check Out: Take down cannot begin before 6:00pm. A fee up to $1,000 may be assessed on any vendors taking down prior to the end of the event on all days.

    I agree to adhere to all the policies set forth by The Paisley Pumpkin. Failure to follow the rules and guidelines may result in forfeit of booth space and booth rental fees. The Paisley Pumpkin and SanTan Village are in no way responsible for loss of business in this or any other case. Application is not a guarantee of acceptance.

    This contract is valid for The Paisley Pumpkin Holiday Street Fair at SanTan Village Mall being held on December 30th 2017 from 10:00am to 6:00pm Date subject to change based on weather conditions.

    *You must scroll to the bottom of the policies in order to accept.

  • December Exhibitor: IMPORTANT!!!! This application is only for the street fair on December 30th 2017. Some booth spots were pre-filled from a rescheduled Spring date.

    *** SELECT ONE ***

  • Price: $99.00
    *** 100% hand crafted items or non profit organizations only***
  • Includes: 10' x 10' exhibitor booth (Add on option for premium spot below.)
  • Price: $125.00
    *** Special / Retail / Direct Sales / Food *** (i.e. Scentsy, Avon, apparel.)
  • Includes: 10' x 10' exhibitor booth (Add on option for premium spot below.)
  • Price: $175.00
    *** Corporate / Local business promotion / Lead generation*** i.e. Doctor's office, pest control, corporate sales office
  • 10' x 10' exhibitor booth (Add on option for premium spot below.)
  • Price: $40.00
    *** Select this IN ADDITION TO your other booth selection for a premium booth spot with 2 sides open***
  • Includes: *2 sides open or premium location placement. *This is an additional fee to your selected booth spot.
    Full payment is due within 48 hours of us emailing your invoice through our secured PayPal system. If not paid in 48 hours, your booth spot is not guaranteed and will open up to other vendors.
    Check 'Invoice for Credit Card payment' if you would like to pay with Visa or Mastercard for your booth rental fee. (There is a 3.0% surcharge for this service.) We will email you an invoice to pay with a credit or debit card. If you pay by check, make payment out to The Paisley Pumpkin Events. You spot will not be held until your check clears. Mail checks to The Paisley Pumpkin 10606 E Sanger Ave. Mesa, AZ 85212 *Your spot is not held until check is received and cleared. There is a $50 return (bounced) check fee.
  • Exhibition Space Agreement

    The Paisley Pumpkin (Lessor) hereby leases to Exhibitor vendor space subject to the following terms and conditions. Exhibitor agrees to pay Lessor the amounts set out in the application for use of vendor space. It is understood that the exhibit space provided to Exhibitor shall be one of many vendor spaces comprising the event.

    Exhibitors are required to stay open and operational throughout the event hours. Exhibitors packing or leaving early will forfeit booth rental fees and ability to participate in future events, and may incur a fine up to $1,000.

    Merchandise Allowed: "The Paisley Pumpkin" is dedicated to providing the consumer with quality merchandise and services. It is not a venue for disposing of unwanted household merchandise. What constitutes inappropriate merchandise will be the sole discretion of The Paisley Pumpkin and SanTan Village. We will evaluate the admission of exhibitors with unique merchandise or services that we feel compliments the Street Fair. All applicants must provide a detailed description of their business, merchandise, and services they intend to sell or market at the event.

    Exclusivity: No guarantee of exclusivity is made or implied. However, we will do our best to provide a unique blend of products and services for the betterment of the event.

    Booth Size: 10' x 10' Booth boundaries will be monitored. Exhibitors are not allowed to place merchandise beyond specific boundaries. Walkways must remain clear and booths must be viewable from the walkways. Vendors may not stand outside their booth to sell product.

    Payment: Acceptable payment methods include check money order, Visa or MasterCard. paying by credit card, requires a 3.0% processing fee that will be added to the total rent due.

    Subleasing, Booth Restrictions: Exhibitors are not allowed under any circumstances to sublease their spaces. The exhibitor signing the contract is expected to attend the event. If an unknown person checks-in on the event date, they will not be allowed to exhibit. Booth rental fees will not be refunded. Contracted booth space is for the contracted Exhibitor only. NO MORE THAN ONE BUSINESS PER BOOTH SPACE.

    Refunds and Cancellation: Exhibitors who paid in full and provide adequate cancellation notice (minimum 4 weeks) may receive an 80% refund in the event we are able to lease the booth in a timely manner. Less than 4 weeks from the event, there are NO REFUNDS.
    In the event that the Exhibitor is unable to attend the event, Exhibitor shall notify Lessor by phone at 480-678-9599 or email

    Exhibitor Sales & Sales Tax: Exhibitors are responsible for the sales of their merchandise. Collecting payment, charging and paying the appropriate sales taxes are the responsibility of the vendor. It is strongly recommended that vendors offer a credit card payment option, as many buyers do not carry a lot of cash. Accepting credit cards, checks and other payment options are the responsibility of the vendor. Sales tax licenses can be obtained through the state. *REQUIRED - Business License for Gilbert! Vendors can visit the town of Gilbert government website at information on obtaining a temporary or yearly business license, if they don't already have one for Gilbert.
    State of AZ:

    Weather: There are no refunds for inclement weather. The Market will likely be held rain or shine! In the event that the Street Fair requires evacuation or cancellation due to severe weather in the area, the event may be rescheduled. The date is to be set by the Lessor and no refunds will be given. If the weather cooperates for more than 50% of the Street Fair hours, the event will not likely be rescheduled. All vendors must secure their tent and objects within the tent from the wind and weather.

    Insurance: All vehicles entering the SanTan Village Mall as a vendor or vendor helper must carry vehicle liability insurance. While ThePaisleyPumpkin carries event insurance, ALL vendors are responsible for insuring their own specific business while at our events. *Including tent, tables, chairs, merchandise, etc. Insurance on your booth must be list The Paisley Pumpkin, LLC as an additional insured for the event dates you participate in.
    We do ot require copies of your insurance but in the result of an occurrence, the vendor can be held personally responsible for damages if they do not have proper insurance.

    Exhibitor Check-In: All exhibitors will be required to check in at the Exhibitor check in station. Exhibitors may NOT begin setting up until they have checked in. Vehicles are not allowed onto the Street Fair grounds. Be prepared to transport your items by foot to your booth location. *If you have friends or family helping you, they must also abide by the set up and parking regulations for the Street Fair. It is in every exhibitor's best interest to leave as many spots open as possible for potential customers. Exhibitor vehicles not parked outside the shopping center boundaries or within the marked exhibitor lots may be fined up to $100. Please contact us if there is a handicap that makes it impossible for you to follow these parking guidelines.

    Exhibitor Check-Out: The Paisley Pumpkin Staff will be on hand to check out exhibitor booths starting at 6:00pm. Exhibitors must be off the Street Fair grounds by 8:30pm. If for some reason you are on the event street after that
    time, a $50 per hour late charge will be assessed. Any merchandise "abandoned" will also be removed or discarded, and a minimum $100 trash removal fee will be assessed. "The Paisley Pumpkin" has the right to make changes to the end-of-day procedures as required in order to insure a safe and orderly process. Please be gracious to your fellow vendors and be aware that many stores in SanTan Village stay open beyond 6:00pm.

    Trash Removal: Leaving trash and unwanted merchandise of any kind is not allowed. Clean up fees will apply to any exhibitor leaving trash behind. The trash receptacles located throughout the shopping center are for paper/food/etc., not merchandise, boxes or large items. All unwanted merchandise, empty boxes, and large packing items must be carted up and taken away with you!!! What constitutes excessive trash will be the discretion of The Paisley Pumpkin.

    Inappropriate/Unsafe Behavior: Exhibitors behaving in obscene or inappropriate manner as determined by The Paisley Pumpkin will be asked to leave the event immediately and will forfeit booth rental fees. Pets are not allowed at the Street Fair! Smoking by exhibitors is not permitted in the booths or in the Street Fair area. Exhibitors must leave the area to smoke.

    You must scroll to the bottom of the space agreement in order to select "agree" box.
  • Terms and Conditions

    1) All merchandise displays will be subject to Lessor's approval. Lessor reserves the right to cancel a booth reservation prior to the event at its sole discretion if the vendor or his/her products are deemed to be detrimental to or inconsistent with the quality, theme or dignified image of the event. No large flags or banners allowed on or outside of your tent.

    2) Lessor and SanTan Village shall organize and promote the Street Fair.

    3) Lessor reserves the right to assign all space locations and make space assignment changes prior to the event opening. Booth spots and event times may be slightly altered. Lessors will notify vendors via email about any changes.

    4) Lessor is not responsible or liable for the loss or damage to Exhibitor's property from theft, mysterious disappearance, damage by fire, water, weather, accident or any other cause.

    5) Lessor make no representations or warranties not expressly set forth herein.

    6) Exhibitor agrees to provide Lessors with a description of the general exhibition content and agrees to only display products, represent services, or display signs that have been approved by Lessors in its sole discretion. Exhibitor shall not display or sell drug-related paraphernalia or pornography, Positively NO guns, ammunition or explosives are to be brought in, sold or traded. Alcoholic beverages may not be dispensed or consumed on the premises by patrons or exhibitors. Failure to follow this any resulting damages to not following this section shall result in fines.

    7) Exhibitor agrees to design, construct, and operate the exhibit in accordance with the best interests of the event, good taste, and the standards established by Lessors. Lessors shall have sole discretion to determine whether vendor's exhibit and/or products are in compliance with the requirements of this Agreement. *IMPORTANT* Table cloths to the ground are required. Stock/ inventory containers must be hidden for a clean professional look. SanTan staff will be monitoring the "look" of each vendor booth. Please set up your display in a clean professional look to fit in with the high standards of SanTan Village shopping center

    8) Exhibitor agrees to have exhibit set up, complete and clean, at least 15 minutes prior to the 10:00am start of the event. Vendors must also keep exhibit clean and open for business during ALL HOURS of the fair. Exhibitor also agrees to remove all remaining trash and merchandise from lease space. Failure to do either will result in a monetary fine and forfeiture of booth rental fees.

    9) Exhibitor agrees to keep the exhibit within the boundaries of the space leased and arrange the exhibit in such a way as to avoid interference with other vendor booths. Failure to comply with this provision will result in additional charges for space used or dismissal from event. This includes vendor staff cat calling customers in a way that might put off those passing by. Sales pitches can only be made from inside your vendor booth space.

    10) Exhibitor agrees to duly report all sales made during the exhibition in accordance with the appropriate sales tax regulations. Vendors also agree to comply with all pertinent city, county, state and federal laws, ordinances, fire and safety codes.

    11) Exhibitor agrees to be responsible for the payment of any damage charges assessed by The Paisley Pumpkin and SanTan Village management for failure to observe the rules and regulations.

    12) Exhibitor accepts total responsibility for his/her exhibit and its safety and agrees to conduct his/her activities on the event premises so as not to endanger any person lawfully thereon. Lessor shall have no responsibility for damages to the exhibit caused by fire, robbery, accident or any other destructive cause. Exhibitor also accepts total responsibility for any and all injuries to Exhibitor, his/her family, officers, agents, customers, employees, or other representatives while they are on the exhibition premises and for any injuries to other persons that may occur within the confines of the exhibit, or which are caused in whole or part by Exhibitor's products or exhibit or by Exhibitor, his/her family, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives.

    13) Refunds will not be made unless event is not held for reasons other than natural disaster, fire, etc. There are no refunds for inclement weather. Refunds, cancellation or reschedule will be determined by the Lessor.

    14) Exhibitor agrees to participate in the events registered for. In the event that the Exhibitor is unable to attend the Street Fair, the Exhibitor shall notify Lessors by phone at 480-678-9599 or email

    15) Should Exhibitor fail to comply in any material respect with the terms of this Agreement, the payments made to the time of breach shall be retained by Lessor as liquidated damages, and Lessor shall have the right to reassign contracted space to another vendor. Such discretions will be based on the best outcome for the event.

    16) Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and protect Lessor and SanTan Village against and hold and save Lessor harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss or costs of whatever kind of nature which might result from any of Exhibitor's merchandise, or from any action or failure to act by Lessor or any of his/her family, officers, agents, volunteers, employees or other representatives, including but not limited to claims of loss or damage, harm or injury to the person or property of Exhibitor or any of his/her family, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, or of third persons.

    17) It is mutually agreed that no amendments, alterations or variations of this agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by both parties.

    18) Exhibit Space will be reserved when the application and the contract are accepted by the Lessor. Payment for booth space must be made in full and received by the Lessor prior to the deadline.

    19) Exhibitor agrees that his/her submitted application / contract along with the terms and conditions herein are made part of this Agreement.

    20) Vendor will be charged in the event the exhibitor damages the parking lot, leaves the booth with trash, unwanted merchandise, or breaks event rules.

    21) Vendor/Exhibitor will abide by set up and take down rules. Vehicles cannot drive onto the street fair area or block traffic while unloading. Be prepared to load and unload all tents, chairs, tables, product, etc by hand or hand cart. Breaking this rule will result in a fine.

    Upon check-in, exhibitors are required to donate an item valued at $15 or more to the raffle benefiting a non profit Organization of our choice. The raffle will be held within the last hour of the street fair. Ticket sales are $1 each or 6 tickets for $5. All proceeds go to charity.

    You must scroll to the bottom of the terms in order to agree.
    One donation per event date required!
    *** I understand that this is an electronic representation of my signature and is a legal document once submitted. By selecting "I Accept" I consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.
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